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THE GRIU OF CANET. A stroll through the history of Canet

An interactive game for all the family.

Download the App and experience an exciting story alongside a fantastic being!

The Griu is a mythological animal, half eagle half lion. Guess the clues around Canet and look for it in the town's valuable cultural heritage. It can be played in different ways, in the form of a gymkhana, geocaching or a game of observation. An illustrated novel accompanies the game and tells us a history of Canet in which the main characters are a 'Griu' and a young sailor captivated by its existence.

To play El Griu de Canet you will have to get the map/guide from Canet Tourist Office, download the application and, using your smartphone and enhanced reality, go out to seek the geopositioned points in the stages of the heritage of Canet.  Find the clues, answer the questions and work out the mysteries of the 'Griu' of Canet.

The map, which is accompanied by a tale, will help you to find the correct answers and enjoy a complete, virtual and real experience. Aren't you curious to find out the Griu's name? And that of his friend, the sailor? Start the Griumcana!



The game consists of completing the list of questions on the map using the clues of the blue geopositioned points.

  • Locate the first point, walk there (using the mobile compass), select the point and press on the buttons that provide you with more information.
  • Start to work out the clues. To do this you will have to find the remaining points and go there. There is no set order, you can follow the path as you like.
  • When you reach each of the points, carefully read or listen to the information. The question and the answer will be related to that geographic position.
  • Write the answer in the place on the map.
  • When you have completed the whole route and answered all of the questions, you will find the name of the 'Griu' and the sailor in the tale.  


To start to play, you can collect the map at:

Tourist Office

Xamfrà rieres Buscarons i Gavarra – 08360 Canet de Mar

Tel. 937940898






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