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Canet de Mar has a coastline of 2,100 metres. In this area there are two beaches: Canet, 1,500 metres long, and Cavaió with 600 metres. The coastline is formed by a sandy base caused by the decomposition of the granite rock in the Canet subsoil. The two beaches are flat and have easy access on foot or by bicycle.

The beaches are well-preserved and therefore Canet in recent years has been awarded the Blue Flag of the European Union. Another example of the quality of the beach is the definition of a coastal plant area at the eastern part of the Esplanade, going towards Sant Pol de Mar and Canet Sailing Club. The area contains local plants of the Catalan coastline such as sea fennel, searocket, yellow hornpoppy and the American aloe.

List of services on Canet beach:

Beacons to prevent the entry of ships

Boat entrance and exit canal

Rescue point

Rescue boat

Salvage vehicle

Public toilets




7-a-side football goals

Indoor football goals

Volleyball nets



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