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Cavaió Beach in Canet de Mar is a semi-urban beach between our town and the neighbouring Arenys de Mar. It is 600 metres long and 50 metres wide with coarse sand and granite rocks that come down from the subsoil of the dry rivers. It is geographically defined by the rock breakwater and the Vall Maria river that separates the towns of Canet and Arenys de Mar.

It is a flat beach, easy to access on foot and/or by bicycle and can be reached from the Esplanade, from Avinguda Maresme and from Arenys de Mar. There is also a vehicle parking area when you come from Arenys de Mar Port.

List of services on Canet beach:

Beacons to prevent the entry of ships

Rescue point

Public toilets


Access footwalks


Restaurant on the breakwater that specialises in weddings

There is now a natural path which is used a lot by the residents of Canet and Arenys to do sport, walk, run or cycle. There is a plan to make a seafront to connect the two towns and to extend the present Esplanade.

This will completely change the appearance and clean up this very run down area of Canet, and will improve the quality of the whole of the beach area and the Avinguda Maresme. The project, which is known as Recuperació mediambiental de la platja del Cavaió, (Environmental recuperation of Cavaió beach) has long been called for by the town. It affects a section of 1,290 metres and is planned in two different sections due to the dry beach. It will be an area for people to stroll, with a cycle lane and shore bushes. The environment of an area of great scenic importance that has lost its local vegetation with the years will be recovered.


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